venerdì 29 marzo 2013

SkunkFunk per l'estate

Skunkfunk fashion label launches its new Spring Summer 13' Collection, focused on organic shapes, art-deco and absolutely crazy colors. This new and fresh collection could be Skunkfunk's wardrobe of the jungle, where nature meets geometrical urban prints, square watermelons, cupcakes and bubbles, lots of bubbles. 

Following its philosophy about sustainable fashion, the spring summer '13 collection plays with the overlapped shadows of the jungle, mixing the whole palette of greens in the roll prints and organic shapes into the designs. The game of contrasts in colors is even stronger in this collection and you will be able to feel the sea breeze wearing turquoises and blues but keeping the usual urban-chic style. 

SkunkFunk started back in 1996 in Basque Country (north of Spain) with a simple T-shirt collection. Rooted in music festivals, Skunkfunk has always been connected to urban attitudes, art & beats. The style has been influenced by fashion and culture in cities like Barcelona, Bilbao, San Francisco and Berlin. Skunkfunk believes in a different way of making fashion, working to make a difference both in style and sustainability.


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